Rogério Peixoto (1978) is an internationally collected Brazilian fine artist, who is acclaimed and awardedworldwide.

Graduated in technical design, he started painting in a self-taught way, specializing in exquisite, detailed and unique oil and acrylic paintings on linen.

Using implicit realism techniques and producing works in finite detail, RP (artfully signed) began his career in 2008 at the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo (MAM). His works draw attention due to their originality and raise the interest of notable collectors, art salons, art shows and galleries in different parts of the world.

The artist is also involved and directly connected to the development of social projects with underprivileged children, both in Brazil and in other countries.

He currently lives in South Florida USA, where he creates his artworks in his own studio.


With over 13 years as a visual artist, he has been recognized with several awards worldwide.




“Come Together”

Oil on Linen
30×40 inches.

“Birth of a Nation”

Oil on special Linen prepared and stretched by the Artist.

48×72 inches.

"Presidential Dreams"

Oil on Linen
3Ox40 inches

“Love Triangle”

Oil on Linen
3Ox40 inches.



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